From surviving to thriving: 

overcome burnout and find work-life balance

From surviving to thriving:

Overcome burnout and find work-life balance


You feel overwhelmed with stress to the point of burnout in the job you’re at. You work extremely hard to make a difference in the world, but are stuck in an unfulfilling job that makes you cry. You feel exhausted and are so frustrated you can’t do your job well. You can’t seem to focus and have checked out. You’d like to stay on the couch and throw in the towel. You’re desperately looking for a better job. You’re afraid you can’t find a more meaningful, better paying job with more flexibility. You can’t see your way out of this bad situation.

Maybe you’ve already taken some steps but still feel held down by stress and are wondering if you’ve made the right decisions…

You desperately want to get rid of the stressful job that leaves you overwhelmed with stress and exhaustion and doesn’t allow for a joyful balanced life. If you’ve already moved on, it might not have solved your stress. You’re in survival mode.

When you create an optimal happy & balanced work situation, you’ll feel so accomplished, happy and competent. You’ll feel joyful and so relieved that you’re living the purposeful life you want. You’ll finally have peace of mind.

Just imagine what your life will be like when you have a good work-life balance.  Imagine waking up in the morning excited to start your day.  Your life will be exciting and fun.  You have free time for hobbies, socializing and some well-deserved me-time. Life is no longer a struggle. You are thriving.

Hi, I am Petra CarrolI-Laverman, MSc ..

The reason why I want to help people avoid a burnout or get better from one faster is that I’ve experienced my own burnout and have witnessed others who were falling victim to it. For me it was a very gradual progression. I couldn’t sleep wel and my muscles started to ache more and more. I constantly had a cold at work, for years in a row. I got muscles spasms while sitting behing a desk working. I figured something was wrong. Finally went to a doctor and through bloodtests discovered I had an extreme vitamine D deficiency.

I kept working really hard to keep on focussing on what I had to do. Throwing all my skills at it. As an ex-topsporter I knew what to do. But despite vitamine D supplements, things kept getting worse and brainfog really set in. Then I grew rsi problems. My finger swoll up; I couldn’t hold on to a mouse, type or write. Again visiting the doctor. With covid delays I ended up seeing a lot of specialists. Things kept getting worse, with extreme pain going trough my whole arm and neck. And over time I got pains all over my body. Pains that kept me up at night. I hated my job, wanted to quit. And kept frantically looking for another job. But I had no energy or mental clarity to figure out what to do. Except trying harder. My focus became narrower and narrower. At the cost of socializing and hobbies. Over time I couldn’t deal with changes at work and got really snippy at my manager and family. I hit the wall and couldn’t keep going anymore. I was out on sick-leave. Feeling really frustrated and ashamed that I couldn’t go on. It was a good mandatory time of soul-searching. 

Then a specialist indicated fibromyalgia. With medication I could sleep and my body could recover. Gradually increasing my workload. I learned how to really listen to my body and respond immediately when needed. Taking more time off, scheduling vacations. And caring for myself much better. Doing what makes me feel better, and prioritizing my own health and interests. A burnout is an amazing opportunity to fix what is wrong and create the life you really want. My life energy is back and I’m really excited to help others deal with similar situations find their way back to health and a life worth living. (And not spending such a long time finding your way)

Greetings, – Petra Carroll  

As a result of this package,

you will:

    • Recognize signs of stress and burnout, so you know what to watch out for
    • Decrease your stress so that you can think clearly
    • Experience a Centered Balanced State, so you feel calm and can make the best decisions
    • Create a plan for great life-work balance so that you can enjoy your life and have time for family, friends and hobbies
    • You have the energy to do what you want 
    • Have the tools to navigate your life, so you you stay balanced and happy

    What’s included:


    Prework: “Do I have stress or a burnout?”

    In this pre-session you’ll take a Life-Work Balance inventory to determine exactly where you’re at right now. We’ll take a look at multiple life areas (work, personality, lifestyle, health).

    90-minute video call session: “Creating Calm and Clarity”

    During this session we’ll first go over the results of your Inventory and determine a Plan of Attack. After that you’ll decrease stress and experience a centered balanced state from which you feel energized and clarity of mind, so that you can make better decisions and gain insights. We’ll do something mind blowing, amazing and fun to help you find that clear inner guidance. You’ll know what areas to focus on and create a better life. You’ll walk away with a couple of next action steps to take.

    30 Minute Call: “Living Work-Life Balance”

    After 7 days we’ll do a 30 min video call. In this 30 min call we’ll discuss what transformations you’ve accomplished. What you’ve experienced. And if you need anything else to succeed. You’ll know how to create the life you want with great work-life balance. You’ve made some changes already and experienced succes. You’ll have more time for friends and family and hobbies.

    I know how important it is for you to free yourself from job-stress and exhaustion so you can get the fulfilling life you want. And I can help.

    Now Let’s Get Started

    What people are saying?

    You are a really good listener. And you are really patient. You know through your own experience how to help people. You give good advice and support. You give useful tips to attack your problems. You dare to be vulnerable. That makes for a real connection and gives trust.

    I found that my emotions were taking control and I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted. I had done meditation, some quantum healing and other things such as going for walks, planning my day, listing priorities. I learned that asking the right question after calming my mind down with meditation would bring me deep insightful answers to my questions and that using oracle cards could be very useful for focusing my thoughts. Petra Carroll cares deeply about helping people. She has a way of presenting deep insightful ideas in a way that feels light and cheerful and not at all intimidating.

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     1)   When you have completed the online payment, I will send you an email:

    o   With the Work-Life Inventory which I”d like you to complete and return before the 90min session.

    o   With a link to schedule a time with me on the online calendar.

    2)   We will have the 90min call. At the end of this session we will set up your 30 min after call.

    3)   In about 7 days we’ll do the next 30 min after call.

    Your investment …  Only 97 euro’s 1 time payment