Hi, I’m Petra

I’m Petra Carroll-Laverman, 53 years old, married and mother of 2 adult sons. I’m an intuitive healer, coach and trainer. I love to help people improve their health, through healing and spiritual development.  

My story… the why

As a child I lost my brother to the neonatal version of Marfan’s syndrome (extreme version of a connective tissue disease). My parents told me at a very early age my brother was going to die…and probably soon. We wanted to give him the best experience for the remainder of his time on earth. He had sooo many close calls to die… It was a miracle he lived 7 years. The average life expectancy is 2 years…I was 8 when he passed away. I was sent away on vacation with a friend when his death was immenent. I still remember the feeling of losing the ground underneath my feet when my father came to tell me that my brother past away…The world slowed down and greyness took over.

This experience impacted my life severely. As a really sensitive, spiritual kid it was a tough situation to deal with. Constantly living with the prospect of him possibly dying at any time.

I had to supress my wants for the benefit of my brother. Because he couldn’t do the same things and his life was in danger. For example going swimming/sunbathing on a nice day on a summer boattrip. It would have made my brother sick, so I couldn’t. Expressing my wants was considered selfish. I learned to live in service of others and cause no problems. As a grey mouse/wallflower I kept out of sight and didn’t speak up. Teachers back then wouldn’t notice me and were not aware I was in their class. I really wasn’t present and have no fond memories. I do recall trying to protect my brother from other kids bullying him, and being teased with my brother. Even shortly after his death. Really painful experiences. My parents also didn’t know how to deal with the situation and became bitter, hurt and had a very troubled relationship. I was hiding behind a huge thick selfmade wall. I never felt safe. I didn’t feel I had a reason to be happy and joyful in life. That feeling stayed most of my life. And unable to deal with all of it, I stored unprocessed feelings. I was kind of jealous why he, with all his talents, got to go home and I remained to live my life. The last time I saw him he asked me who I was, because he couldn’t see me, but I interpreted it as that he gave me an assignment in life: Who am I… So it gave me spiritual purpose and a path out of misery. And a connection with the after life. If I were in a Harry Potter book, I would have the ability to see the Thestrals …

With performing well and succeeding in sports and education I tried to prove myself. I combined my sportscareer with university studies. Although with high pressure to perform (including getting yelled at all the time by my dad with horseback riding). I made it to the Dutch National Womens team volleyball. Not until I got to the USA did I step into a leadership role. Consistent injuries were a byproduct. With constant pain/inflamation meds (max dose prescribed by doctor) for years on end. (Ironically I recently heard that a lot of top sporters have had difficult pasts and that what has made them resilient and mentally tough…)

Needles to say, this all lead to a burnout and years of recovery. For many years it felt like I was living in a grey fog. I tried all kinds of things to try to heal myself. Trusting and reaching out to others was difficult. It was a long path to finding light in my life again. And I mean literally the experience that somebody turned the light on and the fog gets lifted. A black and white life became a life in color. A life filled with lightness, intelligence, vibrance, colorful & full of vitality. It is a choice every single moment. Spirituality and Reiki helped enormously. And now to share my story with you and help others with their difficult path they may be facing.

Topsporter – Volleyball 

  • Olympus, Sneek
  • Dutch National Team –  European/World Championships
  • University of Illinois, United States

Reiki Master

  • Reiki 1, 2 en 3
  • 2 year program spiritual development
  • Several other healing modalities

International job experience (USA & NL)

  • Coach/Trainer – career & sport
  • Human Resources
  • Researcher / Consultant
  • Financial Customer Advisor in banking

International university education, MSc

  • Human Resource Management
  • Psychology – Sport
  • Kinesiology

  • I’m university schooled in psychology, sport-psychology (Kinesiology) and Human Resource Management. I’ve combined most of my studies with a top-sport career in volleyball (Dutch National Women’s Team). I’m Dutch, but went for my studies and volleyball to the USA. I lived there for 7 years. There I’ve joined a group of people interested in spiritual development including learning several healing modalities. When I  got back to the Netherlands I became a Reiki  Master. Followed it with different Masters and joined the International Reiki Organization (IRO) to take my Reiki practice to the next level.  


  • I’ve started my practice/business HealingWays in June 2016. My practice room is a small cozy room up in the attic. Unfortunately it is difficult for my clients to climb a couple of stairs. I found an alternative treatment room for that occasion. But I’m looking for a new location in a business setting with other practitioners from other health disciplines. Therefore, I would like to focus on distance healings so that people who are not (very) mobile can get the help they need. This also would facilitate helping people who live further away, even on different continents and across the pond. My website is all renewed with a focus on long-distance healing.


  • I’m passionate about Reiki because I love connecting people to Universal Energy, the healing power in the Universe. Sometimes we can feel really alone and separated/disconnected from the world, life and with the spiritual world. By going into a deep meditative state I can help to reconnect you. Many clients experience visions and get insights on how to move further and what to pay attention to. Problems you’ve tried to deal with for years suddenly disappear and lightness takes over. I don’t end a session before balance is restored.


  • Unfortunately it is not always possible to return to a state of health. I’ve treated people who were in a process of dying. Through long distance it was for example possible to reduce suffering and confusion, and while the person was not awake/conscious for weeks, facilitate temporary awareness making it possible for everyone to communicate for the last time and say their goodbyes…


  • What makes me an amazing practitioner is that I can connect with you at a very deep level and understand the deep pains and negative states you can be trapped in. To reach out and give you a helping hand. No judgement, only acceptance. We tend to lose the connection when life happens. I will help (re)connect you fully to the healing spiritual energy that is difficult to access and takes loads of training and personal development to (re)connect with. You will get all the energy without interference from me. And also, if thing get intense I won’t scare away and will support you all the way.