Hi, I’m Petra

I’m Petra Carroll-Laverman, 56 years old, married and mother of 2 adult sons. I’m an intuitive healer, coach and trainer. I love to help people improve their health, through healing and spiritual development.  

Petra Carroll is an international wellness coach, Reiki Master, spiritual mentor, and speaker. For over a decade, she has helped people navigate their personal lives and workplace issues.

 Her specialty is to help people in all walks of life to manifest their destiny and soul path. Her skills, rooted in extensive training and personal experience, allow Petra to guide others in clearing blocks to discovering and living their destiny. Petra is skilled in helping others heal from the trauma of life crises, addressing old wounds so the path to follow becomes clear and energized.

 Born in the Netherlands, she lived nearly 7 years in the US where she received the following credentials: Masters in Sports Psychology (kinesiology) and Bachelors in Psychology. Back in the Netherlands she received a Masters in Human Resource Management.  

 With her expertise involving the human mind-body-emotion gleaned from these studies, Petra is uniquely equipped to help others with self-understanding as they encounter and move through the crises involved with living in the 2020s.

Founder of Healing Ways, Petra utilizes her unique multi-disciplinary holistic method based on training and experience. She applies what she has learned—that most leaps forward are preceded by a life crisis that leads to intense physical and/or emotional distress. For the typical person, it usually takes life “wake up” call to catalyze both the search for and finding his or her larger purpose and destiny.

Petra’s personal story mirrors this. In 2020 when the pandemic lockdown hit, she realized her private in-person consulting was no longer viable in an online world. She already had an online presence, yet her business needed an upgrade to go fully international. She started feeling that her day job was a soul-sucking/RSI job. That stress in combination with needing to quickly change her business model led to chronic pain, sleepless nights, and burnout. This was her “wake up” call. By using methods and tools she now uses to help others, she created a global platform for her business.

Brand new in 2021:  Petra’s 3-month online individual Leap Into Your Destiny coaching program. This offering was created as an offshoot of her 2021 MicroSummit, “Take a Leap – Manifest Your Destiny & Soul Path.”  

Topsporter – Volleyball 

  • Olympus, Sneek
  • Dutch National Team –  European/World Championships
  • University of Illinois, United States

Reiki Master

  • Reiki 1, 2 en 3
  • 2 year program spiritual development
  • Several other healing modalities

International job experience (USA & NL)

  • Coach/Trainer – career & sport
  • Human Resources
  • Researcher / Consultant
  • Financial Customer Advisor in banking

International university education, MSc

  • Human Resource Management
  • Psychology – Sport
  • Kinesiology