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Feeling Trapped and Stuck?


  • Do you experience stress, stubborn problems, pain or anxiety?
  • Do you face some type of emergency?
  • An exam, surgery or something else scary?
  • Do you feel you need to better your life and bring in more light, happiness, health and meaning?
  • Could you use some help and support?
  • Do you feel something is blocking your joy and fulfillment?
  • Are your body and/or mind protesting?
  • Do you self-sabotage?
  • Have you tried counselling/therapy but feel disappointed?
  • Do you feel frustrated that you  already tried lots of things to help yourself, but to no avail?
  • Does the world look colorless and grey?
  • Do you often feel confused, can’t think straight?
  • You can’t see your options?
  • You feel anxious.
  • Does it takes longer and longer to finish your work?
  • Are you are forcing your way through to keep going?
  • Do you just feel really tired, all the time?
  • Is your body is giving out: you keep getting injured or experiencing pain and illnesses… ?
  • Do you have a nagging feeling you should face your gremlins, and/or does a loved one or people you work with say it is time you find some help?  That there must be an easier way?

In short: you just don’t live the empowered, successful life you would like. It is time for action…

10 tips to refresh yourself when you’re feeling exhausted

I will help you to find your passionate life. You will find relief of your problems and learn to turn your life around for lasting change.

You will:

  • Find relief of your problems
  • Follow and trust your intuition
  • Exercise great selfcare
  • Identify blocks and release them
  • Create a different mindset
  • Know how to handle stress and recover from it
  • Know what your purpose in your life is
  • Connect/plug in to Universal Energy
  • Finally live a happy life

10 tips to refresh yourself when you’re feeling exhausted

What can I do for you?

Distance Reiki

You can receive Reiki from the comfort of your own home.
Receive the healing, tools and support you need.

Personal Coaching

You can get a personal coaching session online via Skype or Whatsapp.
Especially for the areas of health, career and sports.


Improve your life and regain your health and wellness.
Join in with a free online mini-course to learn how to quiet your mind.


You can book me as a motivational speaker.
Get in touch with me to discuss the options. I’d love to hear from you.

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Hi, I am Petra Carroll-Laverman, MSc

I got interviewed by Barbera Aimes for her FB group Changemakers Thriving Online. She’s amazing! 🙂 The topic was Dear Stress, let’s break up!
Stress is something you think you know when you have it. However, most people tend to miss it and realize too late the destructive effects it has.
Is hidden stress holding you down? Watch this interview to help you spot stress and tackle it before it is too late.
In this short interview you will discover:
* 5 Reasons why people Don’t Always Recognize Stress
* Why long-term extreme stress is so hazardous.
* The best and quickest way to reduce stress
And don’t forget to download my 10 tips to refresh yourself when you’re feeling exhausted:

10 tips to refresh yourself when you’re feeling exhausted

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What are others saying?

You are a really good listener. And you are really patient. You know through your own experience how to help people. You give good advice and support. You give useful tips to attack your problems. You dare to be vulnerable. That makes for a real connection and gives trust.

I’m sooo happy I that I did this. I feel sooo much better. Thank you so much. You’ll get my wedding invitation.

I found that my emotions were taking control and I wasn’t achieving the results I wanted.  I had done meditation, some quantum healing and other things such as going for walks, planning my day, listing priorities. I learned that asking the right question after calming my mind down with meditation would bring me deep insightful answers to my questions and that using oracle cards could be very useful for focusing my thoughts. Petra Carroll cares deeply about helping people. She has a way of presenting deep insightful ideas in a way that feels light and cheerful and not at all intimidating.


Get a grip on your life and start living mindfully again:

Lively, passionately, energetically and healthy.







Quick Help




Coach, healer and trainer. I specialize in personal development, Reiki energy healing and lifestyle advice. Developing and following your intuïtion and movement are essential in that.

You are worth it!

People spend a lot of money to look good. On clothes, a haircut, beauty treatments and so forth. Surprisingly, spending time on your inner wellbeing is often considered a luxury…But all the outside polishing cannot camouflage an internal struggle for happiness… beauty comes from the inside. Working on your inner wellbeing will help in so many areas in life. It is not a luxury but necessity…! And you don’t have to figure it out all by yourself.

Start immediately

There is not a huge waitinglist before you can receive some help. If necessary I will create more options for you. You also get treatment right away. You don’t have to sit through 3 appointments before you get a treatment session.  


My specialty is to help you relax and get focused so you can better deal with trauma and pain. To resolve emotional and fysical blockages. To make your life lighter and find solutions. My passion is to help people get to a healthy mind and body.    

Workshops & Facebook Challenges

If stress and discomfort are reduced through healing, it is important to also make some life changes. Otherwise the same issues will reappear or surface in an other area. Workshops and Facebook Challenges are an ideal way of making some changes. It will boost your life. 


Reiki is a beautiful natural healing method to help get your body and mind in balance again. It will provide you with an enormous amount of Universal Energy to help your body repair and restore itself to health.  


If you want more of a talking/brainstorming session, a coachingmeeting is ideal. I can particularly be of help with health, career and sport psychology questions.

Special new program! From surviving to thriving:

overcome burnout and find work-life balance

Don’t postpone any longer and give your life a boost.

You don’t want to find yourself in the same unfulfilled position years if not decades from now. Very costly indeed…

Today make the choice to  transform your life. Everything starts with a single small step!

Petra Carroll-Laverman Intuitive healer/coach

About me

Petra Carroll is an international wellness coach, Reiki Master, spiritual mentor, and speaker. For over a decade, she has helped people navigate their personal lives and workplace issues.

 She helps people manifest their destiny and soul path. Her skills, rooted in extensive training and personal experience, allow Petra to guide others in clearing blocks to discovering and living their destiny.

 Founder of Healing Ways, in 2021 Petra launched a 3-month online individual “Leap Into Your Destiny” coaching program. This offering is an offshoot of her 2021 MicroSummit “Take a Leap – Manifest Your Destiny & Soul Path.”  

Do you still have questions? You can ask them below. I’ll be happy to answer.

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